Gorgeous Memorial Weekend at Beach Cheeky!

     I think we can all say a collective hallelujah for some nice weather FINALLY after the winter from hell we have all had.  We had a near perfect weather weekend at Beach Cheeky over the holiday weekend and the water was beyond gorgeous!  Sometimes you never know what you are going to get at the beach whether it's seaweed, jellyfish, or funky weather, but this weekend was absolutely stunning!  The water was so clear you could see everything.

We had some tables delivered for the house which ended up being kind of a nightmare because the one for the kitchen nook never showed up!  Mamma was not happy, not happy at all…but the cushions are in and they look great!
 This is my favorite! I'm thinking I might have a couple of benchers made out of this too it's by Galbraith & Paul and I'm kind of obsessed!  It is not, and I repeat not an economical choice and one that Big D shall never find out the price per yard situation of this little number…that much I know for sure!
Here is the coffee table that we had made…

I also picked up a cute French provincial piece for my daughters room at Beach Cheeky, since her closets are not exactly adequate!

Now the countdown is on until we get back!