Desperately in need of a bathroom renovation!

     We have lived in our current home for about ten years, and the entire time I have lived here, I have not been the biggest fan of the master bath.. The upstairs bathrooms were bad too, and I had those renovated a few years ago, but I've been putting off updating our master because well it's a pain to not be without my shower for the three to four weeks it takes to do the whole thing, and it's not exactly the cheapest of renovations to be doing! When I go to Beach Cheeky and then come back to our Dallas home, I'm even more freaked out by the ugly factor of the whole thing! Years ago I took down the awful brown wallpaper and had the room painted an almost tiffany blue, so at least it made it lighter and brighter, and I could have lived with it a little bit more if the black and white marble tile was set on point instead of the set up like it's something out of a diner.

I mean it's soooooo bad right?
 Look familiar??
It's a big bath, and has good "bones" as they say, so there's hope!

 Stop the madness with the black and white tile people!!
Ultimately I'm going to tear the whole kit and caboodle out. and put in something a bit less busy!!
Here are some looks that I'm loving…

I'm obsessed with this Empire soaker tub from Waterworks, it is a wee bit on the 'spensive side with a hefty price tag of around $9000!!! So that's unfortunately not going to happen…but I'm still obsessed

Love the mirror, the chandelier and sweet table beside the tub...
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Here it is again, love the bathroom cabinet and large mirror flanked by gorgeous lighting and of course the chandelier up top. This is the look I'm going for...
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Another great look with the texture of the wooden beams, love the window too…
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Love this cabinet idea too…
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Another great look, love the blue cabinets!
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Love using old shutters as part of a new bathroom renovation, it makes it so cozy…
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These would look great in a bathroom, found them in Mckinney…I want them!!
Love the lucite accents and floor here…
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This tub is dreamy!!
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Found one pretty close on for $4727…it's still outrageous, but better than the Waterworks price!
Time to get some estimates!