And away we go!

 Spent an amazing weekend in Round Top looking for all kinds of unique treasures, and the people watching was almost as incredible as the antiques! Five women, two pick-up trucks, multiple sets of bungie cords, old blankets, wish lists in hand and we set off for the five hour drive to beautiful hill country midway between Austin and Houston.

We saw some lovely things at Pandora de Balthazar

Me likey, me likey a lot...

and some adorable furry things

and then I found this

But I didn't like the wingy things on it, so I decided on this

So I talked to Mr. Man and brow beat him down 150 dollars past his asking price, oh yes I did.
But sadly upon retrieving said fabulous amazing piece from Mr. Man I noticed, much to my chagrin, that the back half of the rim of this lovely hundred year old estate piece was in fact no longer attached to my planter.  
So sadly I said to Mr. Man that I was going to have to rethink this little transaction of ours pronto fast because for 400 bones, Big D (that's Mr. Cheeky) was not going to be happy with my broken piece of fabulousness.

So I tucked my tail between my legs, went to dinner at Royers Round Top Cafe, and started to eat and drink my sorrows away on this

And I finished with this

And then all was right with the world, except I am still longing for my rusted planter that Mr. Man ruined for me.

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