Sitting by the fire wishing for snow!

    In Dallas snow is a luxury, so any remote possible sign or slimmer of chance of snow gets everyone beyond excited.  Two days ago there was a chance of we are down to a remote flurry situation, but that hasn't tempered my excitement remembering the days of growing up back in the day in Indiana when a snow was really a snow.

So I'm sitting here by the fire
 watching the hot mess that are the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thinking about snow...and thinking that these women are beyond ridiculous, and yet I watch it week after week.  You know's awesome that's why, and yes I know my brain might shrivel up from the crap that is reality TV, but it's better than a plethora of other vices so no judging people!!!

But I wish it would snow...
                                                                     Source: via Maureen on Pinterest
                                                                    Source: via Maddie on Pinterest
Because there is nothing like the first snow of the season...
                                                                              Source: via Maureen on Pinterest
It's really that pretty...
                                                                                Source: via Andie on Pinterest
                                                                                            Source: via iris on Pinterest
                                                                       Source: via Paula on Pinterest

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