Living another life..

     I was watching the movie Midnight in Paris with my daughter for the second time the other day, it's great by the way...anyhoo, the premise of the movie is the idea of romanticizing the past instead of living in the here and now.
                                                                                Source: via Meg on Pinterest

And I thought about what time and place I would jump into if I could.

Well, I am beyond obsessed with all things Jane Austen so sign me up for that please...but oh how I would miss my indoor plumbing!
                                                                               Source: via Janet on Pinterest

And then the Mad Men amazing would that be?
                                                                      Source: via Taylor on Pinterest

                                                                          Source: via Emily on Pinterest
                                                                         Source: via Henley on Pinterest

Someplace french from a different time and place...
                                                                             Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

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