Drinking and Tweeting...Ms. Brandi is all up in Texas y'all!

          In case you haven't heard, Brandi Glanville's book Drinking and Tweeting from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is all over the best seller lists.  So I spent yesterday driving all over trying to find her book, because Ms. Brandi has sold out all over Dallas thank you very much because she had a book signing down in Highland Park for her very addictive memoir.  I finally tracked one down and have just a few pages left, I mean this isn't Austen or Dostoevsky here so it's a really quick read, perfect if you are headed to the beach on spring break which sadly I am not!

On my coffee table waiting for me to finish m'blog so I can finish with Drinking and Tweeting!

Here's the thing, I really like this book.  She's incredibly candid about her less than stellar qualities as a foul mouthed hot mess, and her Ex comes off as one of the biggest assholes ever, a real piece of work, captain douchebag extraordinaire.  Divorce sucks, there's no two ways about it, but I would be doing the biggest happy dance of my life to get rid of that guy.  On the show, I have not been her biggest fan because she can just be over the top and just way too much some times, but this season, I have appreciated her bold honesty even though I cringe through a lot of it, because she's very rough around the edges sometimes...OK, a lot of the time!

Apparently she's getting a deal for book two, and they are makin a movie out of book number one, so I say kudos to you Ms. Brandi, because nothing is sweeter than seeing someone make it especially when it's driving Leanne Rimes to Twitter rehab...

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