What's new at Cheeky in Blue antique booth?

     It's been one month since I started my newest venture, and it is so much fun!  I love to find special pieces that reflect my particular style, but none of that matters if they don't sell, and I love it when I show up to the booth and something has been snatched up!  The first month was pretty successful, now here's hoping that the second one will be even better.  I just unloaded a group of really special items from an auction in Sulpher Springs, TX.  They had some of the most unique pieces from all over the US and some great pieces from France.  I bid on a lot, and ended up coming away with just a small portion of what I was wanting, because the competition was fierce I tell you!

 Thank goodness for my gynormous back seat!

 This is my favorite piece!
 I'm torn, because I kind of want it for Beach Cheeky, but we will see if it sells!
How great is this?

Look at these great cast iron French bulldog door stops!
Some great French mirrors, this one weighed a ton!
French concrete and iron planters...I sold the other ones I had! 
 Love this little garden statue guy!
 This one is not from the auction, but I fell in with the color of this velvet!  Great for a girls room in front of a vanity...
 A pretty spectacular alabaster lamp...

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