It's the middle of October!

     It's the middle of October, and I have yet to post this month which is terrible!  I'd like to say I've had some amazing adventure, but truth be told I've just been busy doing a little bit of everything and the poor blog has taken a back seat.  I just ordered the couch for Beach Cheeky, which was kind of a nightmare because I had to make a decision super quick in order to get it there for the holidays.  I was going back and forth between a sofa from Room and Board online, which kind of terrified me, and another by Lee Industries that again I was doing by sight alone.  I was actually having odd dreams about fabric choices that involved some kind of an airplane, so I believe me when I tell you I was losing my mind with this whole thing!

Room and the simple lines and fabric...
 Lee...this would be configured like above in an L.  Love the cushion on this thing, super comfy!
 I have sat in many of Lee's sofas so I do have some sense of what they are like and they are known for amazing quality, but still I was back and forth, back and forth, changing my mind over a 24 hour period.  I finally decided on the Lee because of the quality of the couch.  I know I will have it for a very long time and the cost difference was not a dramatic one.  I ended up picking a grayish/taupe linen for the slipcover, since we let our dogs completely rule our lives...and they know it.

So that's done, whew!  In other news, Halloween is in a hop and a skip and ole witchy poo is standing proud in front of the house!

Now I have to figure out what in the world I'm going to be!!

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