Craving cranberry everything right now!

     I am so excited about the holidays this year I could burst!  I feel like a five year old, seriously.  I have been grooving in my car to Christmas tunes for the past week and I can't quit thinking about all the delish things I want to make, particularly things with cranberries.  The next five weeks are time to pull the fat pants out of your closet people because the proverbial feasting is about to begin.  I have been pinning all kinds of cranberry delicacies that may have to be tried very soon, because well, they look incredible!  They also look like they have significant ass widening potential as well (I mean it is the holidays people, bring out the butter) therefore requiring said fat pants to make an appearance.

Like these Cranberry Scones from Shop Girl, I want them with a nice hot cup of joe!

Or some Glazed Cranberry Orange Bread from Rumbly In My Tumbly
Or how about this insane Cranberry Crumb Cake from Hungry Couple

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