Thank God fall is here and tales of much needed home improvements...

     Today in Dallas it was a gorgeous breezy high of 74 degrees preceded by yesterday's weather consisting of 58 degrees and cloudy which means HELLO DALLAS…THIS BE FALL! We were in the 90's last week and I was in denial clinging to my jeans and light sweater fantasy after having taken my baby girl to school up in Chi-Town two weeks ago where it was full up in fab fall splendor! But now I have hope that I can pull out all my fall faves of boots and scarves and cozy sweaters galore. This is without a doubt my favorite time of year.
     Having spent the summer at Beach Cheeky, this has been the first year that I had not planted any flowers in the yard so I could not wait to finally get some fall mums planted ASAP…

Lovin the mums! 
And start decorating for Halloween…the spooky witch!
We had such a great summer at Beach Cheeky, but the first thing I noticed when we got back was how desperately our Dallas home is in need of a little love if you will. It needs some serious freshening up or an upgrade, enhancement, a little promotion! Basically it needs a full-on overhaul, because I had no idea how tired our house was until I was away from it for a bit. Immediately I was looking for paint samples, because we are currently dealing with early 2000 yellow everything and a kitchen of glazed Tuscany troweled walls meets central Texas and it's not pretty people…not pretty at all.
See what I'm talking about!
Now we are dealing with the ubiquitous perfect gray that everyone is searching for which is the color du jour…
 I'm thinking Benjamin Moore Edgecomb gray perhaps...
or Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter…
 or Cedar Key…

And once I change the paint, well you know the drill…everything else needs to have a conversation as well! We have lived in this house for eight years and it was built in 2001, so the house needs a major updo! Right now I'm focusing on paint first (least expensive biggest impact!) and then one by one knocking off each thing on the list like
1. Paint interior rooms
2. New sectional and rug family room area
3. New set of couches in living room and new marble around fireplace replacing it with Calcutta or Slate
4. Tear out carpeting in master, install wood floors 
5. Tear out carpeting upstairs hallway install wood floors 
6. Re-carpet upstairs bedrooms and game room
7. Gut and redo master bath
8. Gut and redo kitchen

Whew that is a lot! And it will take a long time because there are some major big ticket items in here like the bathroom and kitchen. 

Now let's get shopping!