Longing for a closet like this!!

     Every time I walk into the renovated bathroom, I'm so happy with the clean lines of the space, the crisp white marble, the shiny polished nickel. And then, I walk into my closet and get smacked straight in the face with the hot mess that is my closet. Now, first of all, I'm not exactly the most organized person in the world. Organizing my closet is one of the things that is way back on my list of things to do, things I'd much rather doing besides maybe...scheduling a mammogram or my annual Pap (which is always the highlight of my year because who isn't always counting down the days until that?) But people, you all get my drift! I long to be the person with the perfect closet, everything in its place, a shelf for cozy sweaters, old sweatshirts, and perfectly placed shoes, a wall of monochromatic silk blouses, jumpsuits and anything Chanel (Well not anything, even Chanel has a bad moment and all of it is hideously expensive...anyhoo I digress...) Christian Louboutin worthy shelves (if I had any Christian Louboutin worthy shoes, which, by the way I do not...#oneday), instead of things smashed in one on top of the other like my college dorm room or an American Airlines overhead compartment.

Exhibit A...don't judge me people...


See what I mean? One of these days I'll get my act together. And when I do it will be in a space that is worthy of my attention...go ahead and grab a Bounty paper towel and get ready to obsess over these drool worthy spaces!!

Love everything here!! Well, you all know how I feel about the blue and I need that ottoman!
Love the mirror and that chair...
This chandelier is everything!
Love the drawer space here!!
Loving this! So perfect...like it's straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie!!
or this...très francais...

One with loads of natural light...
Love the pop of yellow!
One of my all time fave's and I very well might model my dream closet after this!!
A girl can dream...


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