Want, need, must have...

       So I went to see a movie today because it's another day of 106 with a forecast of miserable with a chance of raining fire.  I could either submerge myself in a bathtub full of ice, hang out in a meat locker, or go see Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love.  Mr. Gosling got my vote pretty, pretty quick.  Cute movie, but honestly I would probably just watch him doing his taxes or washing out a pair of dirty socks, because he's well...kinda purty.

  Here's some things I wouldn't mind getting a hold of 
since Ryan is probably not in the cards for me...

Miu Miu...Best shoe I've seen this year!

                                                                                   Source: net-a-porter.com via Maureen on Pinterest

                                                                                   Prada is looking pretty nice too..

                                                                               Source: fashionispoison.blogspot.com via Maureen on Pinterest

And Louboutin...need I say more?
                                                                                     Source: google.com via Maureen on Pinterest
The next time I have 10 grand layin around...I'm getting a Birkin; and a bean feast, and a goose that lays a golden egg, and Daddy I want an Oompa Loompa NOW!!
                                                                                  Source: bonjourart.blogspot.com via Maureen on Pinterest

Don't be sad Chanel...you are my first love.  I heart you!
                                                                               Source: fromme-toyou.tumblr.com via Maureen on Pinterest

How great is this dress from BCBG?
                                                                                          Source: bcbg.com via Maureen on Pinterest

I love the casualness of the sweater with the über dressy of the sequined skirt...
                                                                        Source: intermixonline.com via Maureen on Pinterest

But I'd just be happy with Ryan...or a Birkin...

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