Beggin for a beach cruiser...and it finally worked!

     While hanging out at the beach this summer I absolutely fell in love with beach cruiser bikes, and I chatted about it in Beggin for a Beach Cruiser...I didn't just chat about it, actually, I couldn't shut up about it which is pretty much par for the course around here when I feel something is pretty important, and pretty awesome, and pretty fanfreakintastic!

Well apparently all that begging seemed to work in my favor because Big D went and surprised me with one made especially for me for my birthday! It was made by Villy Custom Bikes in Dallas and they did the most amazing job!
And it's not just blue my's Cheeky in Blue!!

 Love my basket!
 Ignore my sad sad little hobbit feet in desperate need of a pedicure...
Love love the chevron!!

Big D gives the best presents!

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