Beggin for a Beach Cruiser...

     It's no secret how much I love all things beachy.  The colors, the design, the laid back put on your flip-flopness of it all.  But this vacation I fell in love with something else that
is all together beachyesque...the amazing Beach Cruiser!  Every morning I would tool around my little portion of paradise in my little fab blue cruiser, with a basket no less, feeling like a cheeky version of Dorothy sans Toto. I am telling you people, you must try this beach cruisin will feel beyond liberated!

Images via Cheeky in Blue

Seaside was just covered in them...

So I've decided I must have one.  Because I love them.  And not just the idea of them, well actually I love the whole idea of them too.  I actually love whipping around sand covered roads with me and my little basket thinking of my next adventure.  But there are so many possibilities...

The Betty from Beg Bicycles
Or the Bella
Images via Beg Bicycles

Or something custom from Villy Customs...

Images via Villy Customs

I even found this at a Gallery in Seaside and was desperate to pack it up and send it home to remind me of my happy little time on my cruiser...but Big D was a killjoy and ruined my perfectly perfect plan!

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