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     There is nothing like a good book that you can dive into, devouring every word, every syllable and dread every moment of putting it down while methodically slowing down your reading pace so that the book won't actually end.  And those are the ones I go back to read again and again.  My current book that I fell in love with about three years ago, and now have finished for the third time is called It Happens Every Day, a memoir written by Isabel Gillies with heartbreaking candor about being blindsided by the falling apart of her marriage with two young sons.

     First of all, I love memoirs.  I love feeling like I'm a fly on the wall of someone else's life and intimate conversation, and you want to jump into the middle of it with all the answers!  So I read it for the third time, because the writing is so raw and brutally honest, and at times you are literally wincing for her, begging for her to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee!

     So she has a sequel called A Year In Six Seconds that I had no idea about until I went snooping on the internet to find out more about this woman's life, because I'm kind of obsessed at this point.

Source: via Alice on Pinterest

     So I'm like YES!  THANK GOD!  I NEED TO KNOW MORE!  And since it was published nearly a year ago, I thought I would get on Amazon (I know they are evil personified ruining all small book stores, but usually I go out of my way to shop throw me a bone people)  and get it.  So I'm counting down the days, actually two, because I signed up for Amazon Prime which means I paid nada shipping for a second day delivery and free trial of their Prime program which is akin to signing a deal with the devil people, because that's where they hook you on the free super fast shipping!  It's a cautionary tale...

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