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     There is no place that I would rather be than at the beach, and one of my favorite beach spots in the world is the area off 30A in the panhandle of Florida.  It is the kind of pretty you really can't imagine until you go.  Each little village along 30A has its own feel to it from retro beach chic to New England clad coastal cozy.  You will see original 1960's beach cottages mixed in with mega architectural wonders.  We've been going there since the kids were wee little nuggets.

Source: 30a.com via Amanda on Pinterest

     I've been pestering Big D for years that we need to get a place...pretty pretty please!!   And for years he has been laughing hysterically at my silly not going to happen request, because let's face it, beach=majuh moolah expensive.  "But Big D,"  I pleaded, "I have a beach file in my closet that is out of control and my beach board on Pinterest is busting with amazing pictures, so I need an outlet for my beach/magazine/hoarding tendencies man!"  So last summer after prices came to what I think may have been their lowest prices that they are ever gonna go, we bought a piece of property in the most perfect place on earth!

     Hopefully we will build in the next year or so, but it can't get here soon enough!  Big D met with a builder, but we will look at several more I'm sure before making the final decision.

This is the spec home that Big D checked out while he was there.  Our realtor showed him one being built and then he looked at the model home to see the possibilities!
Model home version...
Love the light and bright, but would icksnay the wood over the stove for some great subway tile, maybe even in a sea glass blue.  Also that hood range has got to G-O...something a bit more substantial would fit the bill

Love the bunk room!

Now since all great beach homes have to have a great beach homey kind of name I've got to get thinking of a spectacular one!

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