A beachy 4th of July with the sand and symphony!


The house was decked out in Red White and

 Blue too…

     We were lucky to have a nearly perfect 4th of July this year with some of the god awful humidity rolling out to make way for warm summer temperatures which made it the perfect weather to spend the whole day outside.  Last year during the weather from hell, the 4th was a giant bust because of the monsoon like weather we got!  This year has certainly made up for that disaster!  We started off the day heading in the golf cart to the annual Seaside 4th of July parade when upon arrival we sadly discovered everyone was going in the other direction as in the parade was over!  Ugh!

This is us arriving apparently an hour too late…

Clearly punctuality at the beach is not my forte.  So icksnay the parade and head to the glorious beach…

In the evening it was time to head back down to Seaside and listen to a concert by the symphony and watch the fireworks…

People were ready to be festive!

It was a lovely night!!

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