Heavenly gelato in Seaside...

     What's better at the beach than a scoop of gelato on a hot day?  We stopped for a scoop at the famous Heavenly Gelato and Ice Cream in the heart of Seaside while perusing the shops around town.  None for me sadly!  This one was for my youngest who is now in fact bigger than me.  It's a long incredibly boring story, but I can no longer have dairy and haven't for the past eight or nine months and yes people, it is no fun, no fun at all!!!  No more butter.  No more milk shakes.  No more mochas.  No more milk chocolate, fresh mozzarella, extra cheese anything, Doritos!!  Are you kidding me?…no more Doritos!!! Cheese Nips, cheese dips, a la mode whatever!!  Truly, the no cheese part is the worst, but c'est la vie, there are worse problems to have…so instead I live vicariously through my kid's food choices!!

 Yum, biscotti gelato!!!!

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