Pumpkins, Whole Foods and a very Cheeky Chevrolet...

     I ventured to Whole foods (who doesn't love Whole Foods?!) for their amazing made in-store fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh baguette for a tasty pesto panini (made from chez Cheeky Kitchen...Here yee shall find said tasty pesto recipe...(add a little kosher salt and cracked pepper to the pesto too, makes all the difference!)  Anyhoo, I always feel a little insecure whilst perusing the aisles of Whole Foods.
     I had this moment today whilst looking at a bag of black beans, and thinking true bonafide worthy Whole Food aficionados would take said bag of black beans to the appropriate level and boil them into submission along with a very healthy whole grain tortilla and organic tomato salsa and free range chicken situation for a truly authentic Whole Foods Tex Mex dinner...instead of what I was thinking...a bowl full of Velveeta and Rotel.  Thank God I was wearing my gynormous nerd glasses because contacts are out of the question with the hellacious allergies that are plaguing Dallas right now, because I think they may have sent me packing, somehow reading my interior dialogue of inferior side dishes.
     True story...it's a cautionary tale, I once went to Whole Foods and dared to ask for Crisco...don't judge me people I was making a pie, I believe pumpkin during Thanksgiving, and I was buying all my other traditional fare from Whole Foods doing the "I'm shoppin at Whole Foods, and I'm healthy...nana nana nana..."  Except I needed the Crisco, the equivalent of lard, the equivalent of artery clogging hydrogentated saturated fat excessiveness...and I wasn't at Kroger.  Oh no that was made painfully clear, when I dared to ask a tatted up, zen, incredibly friendly Whole Foods associate 'where prey tell do they keep the Crisco'!  Crickets...absolute crickets...followed by um, well...what are you making fried chicken?  No, no I'm not making fried chicken, I'm making a PIE!  I REALIZE it's just an equally valve clogging food unworthy Whole Foods food...but it's Thanksgiving!  So suffice it to say, I feel somewhat unWholeFoods worthy.  I don't think I've reached the phobia stage because I actually looked it up, I mean there is all kinds of crazy phobias out there and someone has to have a Whole Foods one for the love of God, but sadly I only came across under the W's...Walloonphobia, fear of Wallons.  Well what the hell is a Walloon, I mean really? And, Wiccaphobia, fear of witches and witchcraft.  That sounds exciting.  I'm going to start telling people I have Wiccaphobia and see what they do...

But today they had pumpkins in a very Cheeky in Blue Chevrolet!
 Just proving they are the coolest grocery store EVAH!!

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