What the hell...

      I seem to find myself saying that on a regular basis, well this would be the PG version of what I hear myself saying on a regular basis.  Because really people, WTH?  Like for instance WTH was Mark Jacobs thinking with the likes of this?
Exhibit A...
Source: modaoperandi.com via nd on Pinterest

Update:  One actually wears not wheres...it's late, but WTH?

Where am I going to wear this Mark?  Where is anyone going to wear this Mark...WTH?

I mean really, or this...as if a traditional rose tattoo wasn't horrific enough, we have the crafty crossed stitched version...WTH?

Source: google.com via Tove on Pinterest

OK this is creepy, I've seen you at the gym with these ridiculous minimalist toe shoes... I'm talking to you Mr. What Was I Thinking...WTH?

WTH Sarah?  There are no words...

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