Beach Cheeky is ready to go!

     It's been a long time coming with lots of planning, pinning, phone calls, and emails, but Beach Cheeky is officially no longer just an empty lot!  We just received the first pictures of the progress of the house, and well, it's all very exciting!

Look sand, and a wee little palm tree that isn't ours!!!  Love this view!!

 Lake views...
Back area of the house where the porch will be...

This will be the pool out back, not big, but enough to get in and cool off after being in the salt and sand all day...

I can't wait!


  1. Lucky girl! Looking forward to watching the progression of this beauty.

  2. Thanks Cortne, we do feel very blessed, lucky, and thrilled all at the same time! So many things to still do, but that is where the fun is!