Heartbroken for Boston...

     The past two days have just been so sad, and I feel like the entire nation is gobbled up in PSTD from the horrible events of the Boston Marathon, when we have yet to recover from the devastation in New Town.  My friend Connie was running at mile 25.5 when the blasts went off, mayhem broke out, and like many others frantically searched for her family.  By happenstance I happened to be in Boston over the weekend looking at schools for my daughter.  It was the first time I had ever been to Boston, and it's easy to see why people love that historic city.  Saturday afternoon we walked along the St. Charles River and made our way to the Back Bay area of Boston to have lunch, and shopped up and down Newbury Street, only a block or two away from the horrible events from Monday.

The atmosphere was so festive boys were dressed as dancing burgers outside, hilarious...
We left with great memories of this beautiful city and its people...leaving with a chapeaux from the cutest hat shop I have ever seen, Coornin Bros.
Now more than ever, I can't wait to get back to that wonderful city. 

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