It's going to be a good, good life...

     In a little over a week my not so little 6'4" niño will be a 2011 high school graduate, and I am so utterly ill prepared!

     There are so many things still to do besides cry big mama bear tears thinking about the whole thing, so instead of finishing the announcements, I thought I'd sit down and linger in my state of procrastination and share a few of the things that I thought might come in handy to all of you who are in the same boat.
For the party you might want to hang a few of these cute tissue poms from 

or hang a reusable chalk board banner
from West Coast Chalker on Etsy...

or some cup cake toppers and graduation tags
from Little Pumpkin Papers on Etsy

or an entire do it yourself printable party.  This is pure genious!  It is 
from Frog Prince Paperie on Etsy

     As we all know these seniors are so over school and the only thing they are looking forward to about graduation besides leaving home
...sorry, I'm having a mama bear tearing up moment.

     The only thing getting them remotely revved up right now is the graduation gifts being thrown at them right and left which they promptly wallow in gloating to their brothers and sisters 
     This provides the perfect distraction from their sad, sad little mother who is curled up in a fetal position rocking back and forth while drinking copious amounts of alcohol and eating all the dark chocolate she can get her hands on.  
But I digress.

 If they don't already have one, they will of course want one of these...

But I am loving this restored piece of nostalgia from Joe Vintage on Etsy

And just so they look the part for college. or in case they happen to be an extra on the set of Mad Men...they will need a pair of these vintage 1950's glasses

and then you can give them this brilliant card...

For the girls, they will need this perfectly perfect Frye messenger bag from Sundance

And for their room, who wouldn't want a giant letter in the dorm?
This one is from Hindsvik on Etsy..
And since they are going off to college this hilarious 6 pack holder for a bike might come in handy

For a six pack of Root Beer of course!

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