Take a seat...

     Who doesn't love a great chair?  I love to grab my book of the moment, (if you're looking for a good one try Ms. Tina Fey's Bossy Pants...hilarious) put on my vintage, and plop down in my big comfy cozy chair.  My vintage happens to be a peach colored terry cloth robe that used to have gynormous shoulder pads (yes, that's how old it is) that I've had since college, and let me tell you it has seen better days!  Big D is positively horrified by it, but I simply do not care!  I call it my vintage because it sounds so much better than raggedy hot mess robe situation.  But back to the chair...

This is my comfy seat of choice...

But there are so many out of this world ones out there too!
Like these from Munna

Rose Armchair

The Cutie

Soft and Creamy Armchair

or this amazing piece from Ironies

and from Quatrine

 Jayson Home and Garden
 It's called The Penelope... I am lovin the studs!

And from ABC Carpet and Home
The Egg Chair...don't you just love this crazy thing!

and this blue velvet number...

And something slipcovered in white...you know how I love slipcovered in white!

And something black and dramatic from Tom Dixon

So take a seat or take two, because everyone needs a place to curl up, read a book, and wear their vintage!

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