Summer is just around the corner...

     May is officially kicking my butt.  Mama can not take much more of the crazy that May has brought me so instead of focusing on crazy May, and since I have nothing really to be complaining about because the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and I'm sippin on my fav cup of joe.  See I have a serious Starbucks problem, and they have yet to develop a 12-step situation to aid my obvious crack-like addiction...

So instead I will focus on potential vacation scenarios.  That's right, I said potential vacation scenarios.  Because I think about vacations the way I think about decorating someone's house that is not mine, that will never be mine and yet my noodle has already torn down walls and installed multiple sets of french doors that will create a more open floor space and flow of traffic for entertaining...I actually do this.  So why stop there?  My noodle for some reason does this with vacations as well.  You know picking the place, the hotel, what to wear at said hotel, bungalow, or villa...One of these days I will actually stay in a "villa" and then I can go prancing around in something fabulous worthy of a villa!

Like Pucci
Image via W

Except icksnay the ridiculous Captain Jack Sparrow boots please...that is going one step too far even for my imaginary vacation scenario.

And I will prance around in said Pucci in my villa on the Côte d'Azure glaring at the paparazzi through my Chanel sunglasses for their rudeness and lack of discretion, because I'm on holiday and they need to give me a break already...Oh and did I mention that I will have an English accent in the villa, prancing around in my pucci and chanel, whilst glaring at the paparazzi?  Well I will, because being "on holiday" sounds so much more fabulous than being "on vacation".  

C'est magnifique!

Then it's off to my yacht...where I will be wearing this...
Suit by Giuseppe Zanotti Design image via W

Because you simply can't go on a yacht without a pair of rhinestone studded heels and a captain's just isn't done people.

Here you will find me on the deck of the Princess Mariana a 257' luxury yacht where I will be having champagne soaked soirees with Beyonce and Jay Z...because that's the way Mama rolls...

Now you want to go too don't you!

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