Wild about wallpaper...

     Can I tell you how much I love wallpaper?  I can spend endless hours looking through wallpaper books envisioning an endless number of imaginary walls in imaginary homes that are sadly in want of the perfect paper.  Because people there is one.  A perfect paper.  There is always a perfect wallpaper.  So don't let your sad little man try and tell you that the forty-two blue damask prints all look the same.  Because they don't.  There is nuance to each, and that is where the magic happens...

Like for instance in my dining room.  A blue damask paper with crushed gold crystal making up the print by Antonina Vella Couture.  It was love at first sight oh yes it was...It's not just a myth people, it actually happens...

Or a totally different take on blue damask...something mid-century modern meets french provençal in my daughter's room...

Paper by Ashford House Calypso

Something Swedish and blue by Farrow and Ball

images via Southern Accents

How perfectly perfect is this sunflower print paper by Brunschwig and Fils in...well of course mes amis...blue!

Custom paper from De Gournay images via Veranda

and from Osborne and Little

Below paper by Eisenhart 

But if blue isn't your bag baby, we've got it covered...

Custom wallcovering by Fromental

Custom wallpaper De Gournay images via Veranda

Something sassy and sweet from Osborne & Little

Or a bold pink toile paper...

Images via Livingetc

     The truth is nothing changes the feel of a room like wallpaper.   You can paint away until the cows come home and not get the satisfaction that the perfect paper will bring you.  So take a day and take a chance, and let yourself fall in love at first sight.  Because you will.  I promise you will.  I've fallen too many times to count! 

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