Why does food taste soooo much better at the beach?

     Doesn't food taste particularly amazing when you are at the beach?  I mean what is that about?  The kind of yummy deliciousness that food tastes like when you're pregnant.  Post I-think-I-might-upchuck-pregnant, and pre I'm-as-large-as-a-house-get-that-food-away-from-me-pregnant.  I eat more in a week at the beach than the entire week of Thanksgiving. This inevitably poses a problem because of said necessary beach attire...a swimsuit!  We went to some great places, but the ones that I particularly enjoyed were the little food spots in Seaside that were in their own individual Airstream trailers.

Amazing beach BBQ!  Oh and the mac and cheese was pretty great too...

One Airstream was all organic, vegan, gluten free and all that jazz which I'm sure was great, but I was busy feasting on a bucket full of saturated fat deliciousness...

But my numero uno favoritey fab food find of the week...a grilled cheese people, a grilled freakin cheese.  Surely you jest you're thinking?  Surely I don't!  Believe me when I tell you that I would serve this thing at a fantabulous soirée, except that could be a problem, because I would always have one in my mouth which would inhibit necessary cocktail conversation.  But no matter, this place is that good!  The sandwich to get is the 3-cheese which consists of cheddar, gouda, and gruyere between two very thick slices of white bread grilled with what I am sure was probably about a half stick of butter...yummy!

Now excuse me, I have to go get on the Stairmaster to pay penance for all my beach sins!

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