Obsessions du jour...

     I have found a new love.  I am smitten.  I am besotted.  And well, it's becoming a problem.  This problem happens to be a giant red bag of deliciousness that may forever be known as Kettle Crack Corn.  OK, it's not really called Kettle Crack Corn, and it's not really made from crack...or is it?

This stuff is the bomb diggity, and since I hail from the land of Hoosiers, I want to send a big thank you very much to the peeps of Popcorn Indiana for making Kettle Crack Corn and for the five pounds that is sure to reside on me bum from this perfectly perfect mix of sweet and salty.  As you can see we already have a love/hate dysfunction junction relationship, but come on, who doesn't?

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