Room service please!

     Who doesn't love room service, who, I ask you who?  And if you say me, if you are one of those, oh I'd rather just walk down to the good ole Mickey D's on the corner of man that is just sad and pathetic, well you are full of a whole bunch of crazy because what is there not to love about the event that is ROOM SERVICE?!  WHAT!?

     So we are here today to celebrate the fabulousness that is Room Service, and if you don't want to play then go on and take your toys and go home, because the room service chat is here to fore about to commence...
     One of the things that I most look forward to when staying at any hotel is their silver.  I have a true affection for hotel silver.  There is nothing like lifting off the silver plate dome in an overpriced hotel to uncover the french toast and bacon that is hidden underneath.  I mean it's not as though you are pulling off silver serving domes with a big Ta-Da moment at home in your PJ's, and if you are then bravo to you, and can I come live with you because that sounds pretty much like something I'd like to do for, well I don't know...forever?

Something like this... 
And the coffee, don't get me started on the coffee.
There is no way possible to duplicate the coffee that is room service coffee!  How do they do to it?  What is in that stuff?   And don't give me the Columbian bean freshly ground mumbo jumbo nonsense because this girly girl isn't buying it!

Maybe it's the silver...that's IT!!

And the silverware, it's so heavy and worn, and each piece has its own story...

And the pitchers for water or juice or anything...

How bout a spot of tea?

With a bit of cream...

If you find yourself lucky enough to be waking up on this Sunday morning in a fabulous over priced hotel, then room service it is...and if not get out your silver and use it...because if you don't treat yourself then nobody will!


  1. Absolutely, positively agree! Wrapped in a plush comfy robe with the french doors open overlooking a spectacular view, makes the whole experience even better!

  2. So true! Is is one of the things I most look forward to when traveling anywhere.