Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods and that means plantin time...

     You know what's sad?  Well, I'll tell you.  When you have let your planters go so long without any kind of attention, any kind of notice, any kind of actual plants, that they decide to sprout gynormous weeds which start to look as though they really could actually be something worthy of keeping.

Like this...  

     And you feel sort of guilty, and a little freaked out when you try to pull it out and you can't just pull it like any other ordinary weed, but you have to put your flip flop laden foot on the edge of the planter and play a virtual game of tug of war with this thing like a scene from Sophie's Choice and tear it from its cozy little nest that it has made for itself in its quest to find light, food, and a little 
And still it is clinging to Meryl Streep...I mean the pot, for dear life.  So after a momentary pause thinking about this poor weed that I snatched from the only home it has ever known, I set my sights on beautifying my newly empty planter for spring.

And ended up with this...

After a few weeks and a couple of buckets of Miracle Grow, this little lady planter is going to be a Star, oh yes she will. 

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