Colour du jour...Orange!

     Orange is positively ubiquitous this season.  And you know, I'm kind of loving it, which is odd because I've always had an aversion to orange.  It is probably indicative of the post traumatic stress I experienced from my childhood room that consisted of giant orange flowered wallpaper coupled with Florida naval orange curtains trimmed in chartreuse pom pom fringe...are you getting the picture?  I know, I don't paint a pretty one.  But I think I might be changin my tune on orange.  Now I'm not suggesting you go out and paint your entire room orange, or wear a head to toe Mrs. Brady get-up...

Oy vay, Alice you are in head to toe orange and wearing the cursed tiki idol that is causing all that trouble!

But pops of it actually work...
Tori Burch Gwendolyn canvas tote
Tori Burch enamel ID bracelet
 Tori Burch Tatum platform sandal
ring by Umi Design Shop on Etsy

Pair an orange throw with a neutral color like gray, and it gives life to what would have been a pretty, but somewhat boring room...
Image via Traditional Home

Pops of orange can change the feel of a room...
Image via Veranda

Orange mixed with blue...
Image via Traditional Home
Orange leather on chairs by Cortina Leathers
Image via Coastal Living

Or you can make a more serious commitment to orange...
Image via Veranda
Calvin fabrics on chairs
Images via Veranda
Duralee fabric for the table cloth, silk taffeta coral curtains by Taffard Fabrics
Image via House Beautiful
Orange Hermès cashmere blankets on bed...pretty unbelievable looking if you don't mind shelling out more than 1,200 bones for just one...

Image via D Home Magazine 
Fabrics from Jim Thompson

I love the bright orange against the neutral seagrass wallpaper...
 Image via Coastal Living
Retro island print on vintage headboard

Image via Coastal Living

Oh, and how could I forget...
I mean we are in Texas...Hook em Horns!

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