Million Dollar Decorators...Bravo!

     OK my newest most favority fave can't get enough of show...Million Dollar Decorators!  I love, love, love this show.  It's a wallpaper fabric feast for the eyes!

Seriously I am besotted with this show and in particular Mary McDonald...she's the fierce one with her boots and dynamo giant chain bling up above.

and here...

People, you must watch this show because she is not to believe!  The character Karen from Will and Grace is loosely based on Ms. Mary McDonald, and I can totally see it!  Remember her...

I want to have a dinner party where Mary McDonald comes with my other imaginary list of amazing dinner folk like Andy Cohen, Ellen DeGeneres, Christian Siriano, Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin, and Queen Elizabeth...but what would I serve?

Her designs are to die for, and not in my typical wheelhouse of things that I tend to go for.  But they are above and beyond all that is ordinary.  Her office is sublime...

A dramatic blue bedroom...she is known for her bold geometric patterns on the floor...

See the strong geometric zig zag on the floor?  It totally makes the room!

and here...
Images via Evie and Bluebell

I am telling you I could move right into the fabulousness that is her dressing room and never want for anything is that spectacular!
Image via Glam Lamb

Image via Chattafabulous

Tuesday nights can't get here fast enough!


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