Well hello gorgeous...kitchens!

     Wouldn't it be amazing to be one of those people who have something like five houses?  Excessive...yes.  Obnoxious...absolutely.  Superfluous...goes without saying!  Honestly I couldn't even handle an imaginary set of five homes, but to the people who run in ooh-i-actually-own-five-freakin-houses-circles, all I have to say to them is, can I come over and decorate your kitchens in said fabulous five houses for a small fee of well...maybe a bucket of chicken or something?  Oh, who am I kidding?  These people with ridiculously amazing five houses are hiring proper professionals to fabulize their uber chic Viking/Subzero/not-a-lot-of-Target/Big Lot-goin-on-in-here kitchens.  But no matter, I shall carry on to my imaginary wanna be kitchens du jour...

Like this...

Aren't these hanging lamps perfect for this space?  Notice the open storage used in lieu of solid cabinets.

 Look at the amazing stainless hood!

Doesn't the subway tile mixed with the old beams and clock look perfectly perfect?

Image via Traditional Home

OK, I pretty much love everything about this fabu kitchen...check out those amazing wired cabinets! 

Image via Veranda

 Image via Veranda

Something blue and great for a cottage look...

Images via Country Living

This open shelving look is everywhere right now.  I love it, but feel that the messy side of me would not cooperate with an open shelving situation...but it looks great in the movie It's Complicated...

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