Bargain shopping baby!

     It's quite the cold dreary day in Dallas today, so I headed out to run errands and ended up at Tuesday Morning somehow, which is odd, because for some reason I never go in there.  I love a bargain, and I tend to truck over to some outlets or TJ Maxx for all sorts of good stuff.  As soon as I walked in, I knew I had hit the jack pot because they had a whole area of great looking sheets and pillowcases, which I desperately need.  They had several very high end brands, but I almost feel over when I saw they had Peacock Alley Bedding!  I'm not sure if Peacock Alley sheets are sold in your neck of the woods, but they are OUTRAGEOUS...and they are FABULOUS!

Peacock Alley was founded in Dallas in 1973 and they are known for their luxury bedding in natural fibers and classic silhouettes...and did I say it is a wee bit heavy on the change in ya pocket people!

So I scooped up some classic Egyptian Cotton King sheets, and some extra pillow cases, did a little happy dance, and texted my girlfriend

Who promptly called me back and said "They have peacock what?"  So I quickly clued her in on what she was missing out on!  See the bargain? Two pillow cases were $31.99, which still isn't cheap, but they used to be 130 bones!!  I bought a king sheet set for $99.00 which was originally $520.00 which is madness I tell you, because who is payin that for sheets?!
I also got some Kassatex Kashmir towels that are so soft and cozy for $9.99 a piece...Big D does not know how much I'm saving him!  He doesn't really appreciate the lengths I go to save that man money...therefore I shan't mention said purchase of this glorious Egyption luxury bedding that was a STEAL and towels and all the cash that has been saved...because I'm thinkin he won't see it the same way I do...

Oh how I love a good bargain!

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