Things I'm loving right now...

     Everyone has those things they just can't live without, or certainly don't want to!  That perfect pair of jeans that always seem to fit you even when you've neglected the gym for far too long, or the comfiest pair of sweats that you can't wait to pour into at the end of a long day.

These Jane boots by Frye are a must and I've had them for something like five years and wear them constantly... you can tell by their desperate need of repair!

This is the best hand cream EVAH!   L'OCCITANE en Provence hand cream! No really, this will completely save your poor cracked hands this time of year if you are anything like me and wash your hands like mad to avoid getting the plague, I mean flu that is everywhere right now!

Your hands will feel sublime

My Burt's Bees Lip Balm is with me 24/7!  I have one in my purse and one beside my bed people!

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

I love this Dior Addict 797 lip color for the winter months.  It adds a little color when you are pale and it goes great with grays, browns, and a whole host of others...

You can also blend a little of the Dior Addict 454, (my fave barely there pink) on top of it to soften the look a bit

Source: via Lyn on Pinterest

I love and am obsessed with my oh so warm and snuggly North Face Fuzzy Osito jacket that Big D got me for Christmas!  I wear it all the time...I'm wearing it now...I may sleep in it!

Swiffers!  I can not go without these!  They save me with my three little mops of fur that run around creating constant dust bunnies!
I love my fireplace, and I love that little Blue has pooped out in front of it...finally...


  1. Agree, agree, agree. Love Frye boots, started with L'Occitane hand lotion 10 yrs ago, Dr. Pepper Smacker for me, must try Dior I keep hearing about this stuff, I heart my North Face fleece, Swiffer on wood floors~best invention, and nothing better than a warm fire to make your house feel cozy and warm! And your dog is Presh :)

  2. We all have our must haves! Those boots better hold out a few more years!