Rats, teenagers, and impending psychological doom...

     I may have officially lost my mind, but if you ask Big D, it happened years ago.  The other day, while perusing the internet, I ran across a story on Huffington Post  titled How A Rat Changed My Life.  Now there is nothing in me besides odd freakish curiosity that beckoned me to click on the story and actually read it.  There on my screen I read a little rat anecdote called A Love Story About A Rat Named Mr. Tiffany.

Here he is Mr. Tiffany...can you stand it?  He looks like Ratatouille! 

So I sat there and read the story of a sad little rat who was saved from certain death by an obviously mentally unstable couple who were deep in the throws of massive co-enabling issues...for sure.  Making wee little gourmet rat meals of mushroom paté, sushi, scrambled eggs, and getting the poor thing tipsy on droplets of beer for God's sake.  I mean what is wrong with these people? And yet even though I was somewhat horrified at the ridiculousness of it all, I found myself actually welling up with tears at the end of this little tale.  I'm a sucker for a sad animal story.  I'm a hot mess at nearly all animated Disney films.  I have full one way conversations with my dogs...and then answer for them...

Clearly, I'm not well either I tell you!

But Mr. T...Mr. Tiffany was a first.  I teared up over a rat.  In telling my daughter about the sweet sad little story I had just read she looked at me in only the way all supremely au courant teenagers are abnormally brilliant at, looking at me like I'm the freak in the freak show kind of look, like I just tried to dance in front of her friends while singing Kesha kind of look, like I just tried to wear leather skinny jeans to the grocery kind of look (which, I'll have you know I would not do....before 7)...

and said, 
"Are. You. Crying.?"

I had nothing except, "Kind of"

Read it...see if you don't well up with tears after hearing about the charmed life of sweet little Mr. T.  And then tell your kids and watch them mock you mercilessly... 


  1. First of all, Ratatouille is one of my all time favorite movies. What's not to love about a rat with a dream! Second, your stories are the bomb dot com! My 13 yr old was 'horrified' by one of my latest blogs posts when I asked her to take photos of me making "polishe granite angels" on my kitchen island. What's weird about that I ask? Proudly see you at the next mom freak show.

  2. As parents we are sadly all viewed that way one time or another! Thanks Cortne!